10 Awesome Football Blogs to Start Following in 2022

10 Awesome Football Blogs to Start Following in 2022

As football fans, we’re always looking for the latest update on our favourite teams and their matches. We want good and accurate reports that reflect the results of a real game. Fortunately, we do not lack resources for this particular endeavour. Football blogs and websites are out there; all you have to do is differentiate the accurate ones from the rest. And we’ve done that for you.

Here is a list of popular soccer blogs you should follow in 2022:

Football in Berkshire (2016)

Founded by Darrell Freeland and Tom Canning, Football In Berkshire is a sports blog focused primarily on soccer. It provides readers news and updates about the Berkshire sports scene as well as fixtures and results from ongoing games. It has a podcast, a newsletter, and a database of all active football clubs in Berkshire, from West and up to the East of the Royal County. It is important to note that Football In Berkshire is a non-profit organization and exists to promote the local sports scene in Berkshire.

ProTipster (2018)

If you’re looking for some reliable tips and strategies for your next soccer bet, ProTipster is the place for you. There, you’ll find tips, soccer predictions, and strategies that will help you make an informed decision for your bets. All the data they have are based on actual facts and figures, showcasing authentic performance stats, records tables, and graphs. The tipster directory they offer can also help you gauge the profit margin of your possible bets. You will not be lost in the dark with ProTipster in your betting endeavour; we can promise you that.

Soccerhub (2019)

Soccerhub is a Nigeria-based sports news outlet that provides its readers with reliable and up-to-date information about the sports industry. It was created by AB Media research company, a subsidiary of AB Innovative, and aims to keep you informed and entertained with sport content about the Nigerian Professional Football League, Northwest Football League, Euro, and African Football. The website’s notable feature is the Live Score sheet that exhibits predictions and accurate stats that can help readers and bettors predict winners and losers with ongoing or upcoming games. 

The Away End (2018)

The Away End is a sports news online outlet that primarily reports on Indian soccer leagues, among many others. It boasts a considerable list of data regarding State & City Leagues and competitions. In addition, its match reports and analytics can help you predict possible outcomes of future games—a plus for soccer bettors out there hoping to get some profit from a good game. Fact-based and data-driven, The Away End prides itself on professional statistics, paired with editorials for the sports reader to enjoy.

Sportslr (2016)

From outdoor sports like white water rafting to indoor basketball games, Sportslr has it all covered for you. This website holds interests in a wide range of sports topics, keeping its readers out there informed on the goings-on not just on one, but with many niches of the sports world. If you’re a well-rounded sports enthusiast looking for an online magazine that holds a wider scope of interest, Sportslr is for you. They have an extensive array of articles, all pertaining to different kinds of sports, from extreme to fantasy sports. With Sporslr, you’ll probably never run out of interesting sports content to read: find out about sport know-hows and celebrity sports intrigue, and we assure you, you will never be bored.

The Liverpool Football Club (2012)

The LFC File blog offers articles and updated news about the Liverpool Football Club. It has an opinion archive for readers to agree or disagree with personal takes about games and performance reviews. The blog also offers match reports and match previews that reflect real-time games for soccer enthusiasts. This is good news for prospect bettors who are always looking for reliable, data-driven information. 

The Real EFL (2017)

If you want to stay in the loop on League One and Two, The Real EFL is one of the leading sites that can offer you fresh and reliable soccer and sports news. This website has an extensive database of all teams and leagues, showcasing their in-depth and widely-covered scope in the sports industry. All you have to do is click on a team name, and you’ll have updated information ready for you to read. They also have interactive features such as fan opinions and Twitter reactions if you’re looking for some fun with fellow soccer enthusiasts.

Avilla Fan (2006)

Avilla Fan is an Aston Avilla dedicated blog that caters to fellow fans of the Aston Avilla and sports readers alike. They keep track and update the progress of the Aston Avilla, providing reviews, predictions, and opinions, both good and bad, based on recent performances. They have a podcast, prediction league, fixtures, and results with genuine and up-to-date data, as well as a news forum. 

Footy Times (2018)

Footytimes writes primarily about football, giving readers updates about recent trends and news about the industry. It provides focus on the FIFA World Cup, Asian, African, European, and American Football, as well as the Fantasy Premier league. The online football journal boasts a deep archive of perspective articles about recent matches and World Cup highlights worth commemorating. The Footytimes prides itself on its journalistic approach in all its articles, so rest assured that all you will read are fact-checked and accurate accounts of its writers.

CrossBar Hub (2019)

CrossBar Hub launched in May 2019 and continues to provide its readers with helpful and insightful sports content. They write news related to the soccer industry as well as reviews and guides about anything related to soccer. The best services they offer, however, are the tactical and match analysis available on their website. They give the readers in-depth takes on matches, with careful scrutiny of players and performances and any other relevant data. They also have scout reports, which focus on individual players’ strengths and weaknesses as soccer players, giving their readers valuable information about their favourite teams.

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