About TFW


While searching around for tips for creating my first website (technicalforweb.com), I run into a lot of difficulties. I knew that Creating a website from scratch without having any knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web development or coding would not be easy.

The first thing I thought about was which platform I should use for web development. I took it as a challenge, although difficult and with a distinct lack of the necessary knowledge, I decided to take the challenge and learn.

Blogging is Passion. Content is king. Two expressions clarify everything about blogging for me. A blogger should write about the topics he really likes. Something that makes him feels comfortable, excited and happy during the writing process.

I like technology and I love to write about it, I have gained enough knowledge about Windows and android operating system in addition to phone applications and Passing on information is something I really enjoy doing it.

I was inspired by these things, and they made me want to take the challenge and create Technicalforweb.com.

Technicalforweb.com is a tech/science blog, dedicated for technology news and product reviews as gadgets, robots and applications. TFW also provides tutorials on how to use windows programs in the section of ‘How-tos‘.

Of course, nothing can be done without your support. If you think that I need it, please Share this blog’s link with your friends and family members.

cropped-tech-logo-2.pngFirst Logo of the website.