5 Must-Have Android Apps for Associate Attorneys in 2020

5 Must-Have Android Apps for Associate Attorneys in 2020

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One of the greatest innovations that come pre-installed in our smartphones is the app store. It is a portal that opens us up to a world of apps for various purposes, from entertainment to productivity. For instance, with just a few minutes spent on Google Play, you can instantly have apps that can improve your productivity. A number of these apps can be utilized by professionals who are constantly on the go and need to maximize their time, like attorneys.

The internet presents a ton of opportunities for attorneys to grow and further their careers. If you are starting out on your legal journey having the right tools may help you fulfill your potential. DPS Software remarks that the fact that lawyers are professionally ever-dependent on their laptops and smartphones proves that apps are but a natural tool to supplement their skills. It could mean all the difference between being a good lawyer and a great lawyer.

Here are 5 must-have Android apps for associate attorneys in 2020:


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The study and practice of law is a very paper-heavy profession. With concerted environmental efforts to cut back on their resources, many firms are now going paperless. AgileLaw lets you say goodbye to printing altogether. Depositions can easily be navigated, and through scanned soft copies, you can even annotate to your liking.


CaseFox is great timekeeping and billing resource that ensures maximum efficiency for attorneys. It features calendars, task management, invoicing tools, partner-associate rules for splitting fees, message logs, client lists, and secure messaging, among others. You can seamlessly keep records of each of your clients without the hassle of sifting through piles of paperwork and lugging these stacks around.


Again in the pursuit of paperless practices, SignEasy makes electronic contracts and obtaining e-signatures possible. Documents can be scanned and converted to PDFs, but other formats such as Word, Excel, Text, Pages, JPG, and PNG are also compatible. You can store all pertinent documents in this singular platform and keep track of document statuses when you send them out to be signed.


Given the amount of data lawyers hold, proper security measures to avoid breaches are a must. Protect+ helps you record and encrypt depositions and even review and take notes on them later on. It also provides you with your own Dropbox account for the safekeeping of various file types. This also allows you to back up your files easily and safely.


Networking is a vital part of the law industry. If a new attorney wants to get ahead they need to be able to make valuable contacts. As most law firms hire based on recommendations, with Special Counsel noting that close to 70% of their associate placements were for unadvertised positions, being able to network is an essential skill. Law Technology Today recommends LikeLunch as it allows lawyers to take advantage of their lunch break by helping them set up business meetings with fellow professionals. This app will have you meeting the right people in no time.

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