5 Best Android Apps for Productivity

5 Best Android Apps for Productivity

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Nowadays, you’ve got apps for everything — from online shopping to finding the best restaurants in town. Business of Apps reports that there were over 76 billion apps downloaded from the Google Play Store last year, which is a staggering number when you consider that there are only about three million apps available on the platform.

These numbers show just how intrinsic mobile apps are to our daily lives. Such apps are especially useful for those looking to improve their workflow and productivity, as many of them help you take charge of your own schedule.

However, not all productivity apps are made equal. Below, we’ve outlined five recommendations for Android users.



Short for “If This, Then That,” IFTTT is a popular web service that also has an app version available for download. This app allows you to connect your online accounts and devices and harness the power of automation. It can create commands such as opening the notes app on your phone every time you ask your home assistant device for a command or generate an email every time a notable article comes up. IFTTT’s popularity means that there are tons of tips and tricks floating around the web, for pretty much any need you might have.

Roambi Analytics


Roambi’s thoughtful data visualizations and seamless integration across different devices make it an especially useful tool for all types of businesses. Business intelligence apps like this can be used to help improve business decision-making, which is a necessity for every modern company. The variety of business intelligence courses on Udemy are led by industry leaders and are a testament to how crucial this data gathering and visualization have become, as the vast amount of information that can be collected and analyzed means that leaders can make better and more informed decisions every day. From essential modeling skills to project management techniques, these kinds of tools are useful in companies of all scales. As an added bonus, aside from their dynamic visuals, Roambi also allows for offline data storage, which is easy to access. As your business continues to navigate this increasingly tech-forward world, apps like Roambi ensure that your data is available in the right form whenever you need it.



Our phones continue to work in the background in ways that we may not detect. In our post on the ‘Best Android Battery Saver App’, we noted how Shutapp is a great way to monitor battery life and save your device from over-usage. This app allows you to close power-heavy applications with the press of a button, as many apps run in the background even if you’ve stopped using them. Apps like Shutapp keep your phone snappy even with the daily wear and tear you put it through.


There are lots of task list apps out there, and Any.do beats them all. Any.do’s simple interface belies its serious functionality: the app gives you notifications about your to-do list every morning, which you can then review before starting your day. There are premium features available for those who want to customize controls and the like, but most users will be perfectly happy with the basic features.


Whereas Any.do is more suited to your personal life, Trello is a task manager that emphasizes collaboration. Users organize their tasks according to boards that can then be moved around and color-coded as needed. Boards can be shared with other Trello users, who can then insert additional tasks and reminders. Users who are more visually oriented may want to rely on Trello’s boards for personal organization, too.

Technological developments come and go, but mobile apps are still being downloaded left and right. Knowing which app to download can largely boost your productivity, making your work more manageable and stress-free.

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