APPs to Discover New Places Virtually While You’re In Quarantine

APPs to Discover New Places Virtually While You’re In Quarantine

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Many countries around the world are in quarantine because of Coronavirus to prevent the possible spread of the disease. People have no idea what to do, and they’re losing their minds. So how should we respond to quarantine or lockdown? 

One of the things that you could be doing if you are stuck in quarantine or your country is in lockdown is visiting places virtually. If you haven’t tried it before, believe me, it will be an enjoyable experience. 

Best Online Platforms that provide immense VR experience.

No extra tools are needed, just your computer, or smartphone and good internet.

Google Art and Culture is an online platform that allows you to visit hundreds of locations without leaving your bed including the Eiffel Tower in France, Sydney Opera House, Suzhou Museum and so many other places.

google art and culture

Mustsee is another great Chrome extension. It provides a new way to explore the world’s most beautiful areas via stunning images.

Discover the world’s

most beautiful places

at every opened tab.

Mustapp to discover new places around the world

These are 5 of the best places that you can visit virtually while you are in lockdown.

National Museum of Natural History: Its doors are closed, but you can visit it virtually.

The great wall of China: For those who love open spaces, the great wall of China is a great option.

Roman Colosseum, Italy: A beautiful view inside the Colosseum. 

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park: Video recorded in 3D to introduce you to different spots in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

Yosemite National Park: Nevada Falls, one of the fascinating natural spaces in the world. Do yourself a favor and take a virtual tour there. 

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