Check out the Best android battery saver

Check out the Best android battery saver

best android battery saver

Is there any app that would allow android users to boost battery life? As a quick answer, yes there is so many available apps on the play store. humm!! But what is the best android battery saver app? as a long answer, this is what we going to discover in this article. There are many culprits that contribute and collaborate on killing a smart-phone battery life including high-screen resolution, 4G network, listening to music, video calls, watching videos without forgetting to mention the most common one surfing on social networks, especially Facebook.

Today, There are too many battery-saving applications in the play store. Some of them are just rubbish, whereas others perform in a really good way. I highly recommend android users to install Shutapp application “best android battery saver”. Up to now and according to many users the app is performing in a good way and it really helps on saving battery power.

best android battery saver

Shutapp application “best android battery saver” can help you to shut down apps that consume battery or network data. The app makers argue that the app “detects and shuts down lurking background apps on your android phones or tablets. In this way, ShutApp makes huge difference to your battery life.”

The app is available for free download. Some of its features are: the ability to close battery-draining apps just by one click. Closed apps will never be restarted unless if you restarted them. When your phone is not in use, the app closes data flow and only apps in active list have access to network. I think that best feature is to receive notifications and quick access to shut down apps via floating MagicBall.


* One tap and quickly close battery-draining apps. Closed apps will not get restart.

* Auto shut down background apps on unrooted phones.

* Block data flow when phone is not in use and only apps in active list have access to network. (This feature requires to install Doze, the other app developed by us.)

* Receive notifications and quick access to shut down apps via floating MagicBall

* Save on data usage over cellular network by closing unwanted apps.

* Easy lookup to see what apps are running and quickly stop them with one tap.

* Whitelist option available to exclude apps from hibernation.

* Find great apps you like in AppCafe which updates every day.

Noteworthy, Google allows android apps to work in the background, which means that Shutapp doesn’t close all the apps that are working in the background, but only the ones that don’t need to work. For example, social networking apps.

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