Best Seven Esports News Sites To Follow in 2022

Best Seven Esports News Sites To Follow in 2022

With today’s innovations in technology, eSports have taken over competitive gameplay through multiple platforms, from high-end laptops to gaming smartphones. Despite the global dominance of eSports and gaming, however, it is still a relatively young industry, and as it grows in this early stage of history, there is a demand for centralised and reliable news hub that could relay to fans the latest views, updates, and relevant news regarding the world of eSports and gaming. And luckily for you, there are already established websites out there giving you all the need-to-know information about your favourite games and teams in eSports. All that’s left to do is to show them to you.

We have curated the best and most reliable eSports and gaming websites and blogs to provide you with an array of gaming news hubs. Through these websites, you’ll be able to keep up with the quick and constantly fluctuating world of eSports–a feat only these websites can allow you to do.

Esports How – 

Esports How offers a different approach in their services, as it provides helpful guides and articles for gamers and enthusiasts on how to thrive in the young industry of esports. Founded by Uzair Hasan in 2019, the website aims for fellow gamers to develop skills and gain knowledge regarding the world of esports. Esports How has its own Discord server for members and readers, where they can communicate and discuss topics readily available on the website. Those who frequent the website have access to resources like must-read books, podcasts, and the preferred news outlets recommended by its writers.

Esports Players Club –

Esports Players Club’s goal is for its readers to reach their maximum potential as gamers and esports enthusiasts. It serves as a workshop, conducting games and contests that aim to develop gamers’ skills and experience as gaming professionals. Classes and courses involving content creation and game streaming are available for those who wish to hone their gaming capabilities in a nurturing and educational community. Besides this, they also stay updated with the recent news and views in the gaming world, relaying and reporting on international and local gaming competitions of all kinds of competitive gameplays in the world today.

MEGPlay –

Professional to amateur gamers can find refuge in MEGPlay with their collection of guides and know-how as well as their constantly updated featured esports section. They provide the latest reports on international tournaments, teams, and events in competitive gaming. Readers can also find reviews for established and upcoming games and curious and popular gaming technology. Games that they feature and provide guides for include Apex Legends, Call of Duty, League of Legends, PUBG, Starcraft, Overwatch, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike.

Esportz Network –

Owned by Esportz Entertainment Corp., Esportz Network has established itself as a certified esports news and entertainment outlet that provides quality and up-to-date coverage for a variety of games in the world. Readers will be able to listen to their daily and weekly podcasts, and they have branched out and extended their reach through social media, like Twitter, where they keep their feed constantly influxed with the latest news and updates regarding international tournaments and gaming events. Esportz Network was created in Irvine, California, and founded by CEO and Chairman Mark Thimmig.

The Business of Esports –

The Business of Esports is the home of the “The Official Podcast of Esports,” which is the trademark podcast you can find on their website. There, you’ll be able to get fresh takes on the recent and latest news regarding anything under the esports umbrella, from gaming tournaments to corporate acquisitions by top gaming and tech companies–anything that might affect the industry of esports.

The Business of Esports has a blog, showcasing guides and insights about the profession as well as its culture; a video blog, similar to their podcast; a shop for their merch; and finally, their Esports 101 section where they share their takes on how to thrive and succeed in the world of e-gaming.

Gamzo –

Gamzo provides the latest gaming news in India as well as in SouthEast Asia. They cover professional gaming events and tournaments, version updates on games, and provide their own views and takes on the latest happenings in the gaming world. Their Editor’s Picks section makes it easier for readers to find an article that’s interesting and relevant in the gaming world today. Though their scope in esports is wide, Gamzo has focused on games that are primarily played in India, such as Valorant, BGMI, Free Fire, and Call of Duty.

The Esports India –

The Esports India covers competitive gaming not just in India but also all over the world. Their goal is to create a bridge between western competitive gaming with Indian esports, and they do this by bolstering news and relevant information involving popular gaming entities. They aim to create opportunities to bolster the culture of streaming and content creation in conjunction with promoting gaming as a profession. Esports India hopes to provide a platform for the growth of the esports industry by creating a place for an inlet and an outlet of all things gaming-related and to eventually end the stigma of gaming in India.

On their website, readers can read international gaming news, Indian Esports News, and blogs. Their esports news focuses primarily on League of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO, PUBG, and R6S.

Final Thoughts

Though the industry is still in its youth, there are already available websites out there that can help you keep up with the growing and evolving world of online gaming. This is a necessity as news about the gaming world is in a constant rush. Chances are readers looking for reliable sports news outlets patronise not just one game. Multiple tournaments in different games happen all over the world, and every second, there’s a new morsel of important information for you to keep up with. All these websites can serve all the information you need, from succeeding in the profession of esports to knowing relevant data for esports betting. Either way, we hope this list has introduced you to a website you can rely on in the future when it comes to esports and gaming.

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