Complete Guide on how to Convert VGA to HDMI

Complete Guide on how to Convert VGA to HDMI

Convert VGA to HDMI (The complete guide)

The major factor that keeps adapters cables from functioning frequently is the transmitted data over the cables. Meaning, the data which one adapter utilizes and the data that the other utilizes is different. For instance, it is possible for one to connect high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and Video Graphics Array (VGA) together by creating a cable with the perfect connectors on the two ends. In any case, HDMI and VGA are distinct systems despite the fact that they both involve video.

In 1987, VGA was made as a standard for computers. Judging from the present models, that is just an antiquated innovation. Then again, HDMI was made in 2002, which makes it the most recent video connection alternative available.

What to know before converting VGA to HDMI

Basically, there are several differences between the HDMI and VGA. The first is that Video Graphic Array makes use of an analog signal while HDMI makes use of a digital signal. As a result, running the Video Graphic Array signal into the HDMI connector on a PC can destroy it, as the analog signal has a high voltage level.

Another difference between the two is that VGA is simply video and HDMI has channels for stereo and video audio. Along these lines, when you link them, you have to bring the sound signal from the device that has the Video Graphic Array connector, via a different cable and connect to the high-definition multimedia interface connector.

At first, VGA was developed with 4 distinct graphics modes:

320 by 200 pixels in 256 colors

320 by 200 pixels in 16 colors

640 by 350 pixels in 16 colors

640 by 480 pixels in 16 colors

VGA connectorVGA connector: Picture by @Rotorhead at

There are diverse configurations which are still among the VGA family and they make use of the D-subminiature connector and any device with a VGA connector that sends signals is connected with a device that contains a VGA D-subminiature connector.

Whereas, an HDMI which is created originally for use with an HDTV has 2 basic flavors:

720p – It comes with 720 lines of pixels, with a distinct resolution of 1280 x 720

1080p – It comes with 1080 lines of pixels, with a distinct resolution 1920 x 1080

HDMI connectorHDMI connector. Picture source:

› So how do we convert From VGA to HDMI?

Basically, to convert VGA to HDMI, a lot of things will happen:

To convert it, it is important to pass the signal of the VGA via a converter. It will carry the Video Graphic Adapter (VGA) stereo audio signal and the video signal and change them to digital signals which are then conveyed over a high-definition multimedia interface cable (HDMI) for connection to a PC that has an HDMI connector.

VGA converter

The analog signals are read by the converters that are sent to them from the PC, then create digital signals which is understood by the HDMI of your device. The procedure happens flawlessly, with no other effort from you.

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While these devices are changing over the signal from analog to digital, it scales the picture to fit the format and size of the screen. This can likewise incorporate the important scaling to fit in widescreen resolutions.

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