Delete Cookies in Firefox step-by-step Guide with video

delete cookies in firefox

Cookies are small files stored by websites on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. I will be explaining in this article what cookies are used for and how to delete cookies in Firefox. Websites use cookies ‘store of data’ to collect information such as site preferences or a login status, Time of the visit and your location, Language and IP address. This information is also used to display advertising ‘targeted advertisement’ and also help to improve your browsing experience. Note: Deleting cookies ma also improve your pc performance, not your internet speed.

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser that gives you the possibility to remove cookies that have stored on your computer by websites. There are different methods to properly delete cookies in Firefox; one of them is by using the browser itself.

What would happen if you erased Cookies?

You will get signed out of websites such as Facebook, Twitter and other sites that require login details. Be sure that you have all passwords and username written in a paper or somewhere else.

Delete all cookies that have stored on your machine at once

Method one: (explained with video)

In order to erase all cookies go to ‘menu’ and then click on ‘option’. The second step is to look at the left of the browser and hit ‘privacy and security’. Scroll down a little bit till you see ‘clear data’ – ‘manage data’ – ‘exceptions’. Move your mouse on ‘clear data’ and click on it. Once you did it, a pop-up message will display saying:

“Clearing all cookies and site data stored by Firefox may sign you out of websites and remove offline web content. Clearing cache data will not affect your logins.”

After reading the message click ‘clear’ and restart the browser for better performance. (for better quality watch video in full-screen mode)

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Method two: (with pictures)

There is another easy method to delete cookies in Firefox browser that I will be showing you now. First, Get in the browser and click at the ‘library’ which is placed at the top. Second, click on ‘history.’ (click on pictures to see them clearly )

erase cookies in mozilla browserwhere to find cookies in Mozilla Firefox (step 1 and 2)

And then ‘clear recent history.

how to remove cookies in FirefoxDelete cookies in Firefox (step 3)

Third, ‘Time range’ should be set to everything only if you want to delete all cookies. Finally, select all items and click on ‘clear now.’

Final steps to delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox

This way you would be deleting both browsing history and cookies.

Method three: using the cleaning tool “CCleaner”

CCleaner is a free desktop application that cleans computer hard drive besides browsing history and cookies; it is so easy to use and really delete cookies in Firefox. Download and install the tool, Open it and head to applications, look for Mozilla browser and select all items. Click on analyze and wait till it ends and finally click on Run CCleaner.

Delete cookies for a site

Supposing you want to delete cookies for a specific website which you think it uses That small store of data to spy on you which is something that you should be aware of.

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What do in order to remove cookies in for a site in Mozilla Firefox browser?

In order to delete cookies in Firefox for a site Go back to method one and follow all steps, but rather than choosing ‘clear data‘ select ‘manage date‘. There you see a full list of websites that have stored cookies on your machine. Search websites and select the one you want to delete, click on it and then click on remove selected. finally, click on save changes.

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