Install this app and speed up your android phone performance

Install this app and speed up your android phone performance

speed up android phone performance

Android Operating system is one of the OSs that get lags sometimes due the high number of applications you install on it. you know the more you install a lot of  apps the more you kill your phone memory and its Ram as well.

There are a lot of tips that you can follow in order to get a fast performance for your android phone, one of them is installing an application that kills other apps running in the background. You can try Shutapp, Up to now and according to many users the app is performing in a good way and it really helps in saving battery power. ( i personally use it and  i like it)

Download and Read more about Shutapp here

Another App that you can install in order to get better performance for your device is Speed Up Swap. It Speeds Up Your Device and makes it more responsive. it is noteworthy to mention that app won’t function without root.

Read about what is android rooting and how to do it without computer.

By using this app after each boot You can change settings of Your Android to use memory more efficient. This app allows You to use more memory without extra operations.

[appbox googleplay  artur.m3rv.myszka.speedupswap&hl=en ]

Your system is instructed to clean memory, when is half-full, so extra cleaning operations slows down while they are not necessary.

With this app it’s easy to adjust memory usage, and improve performance and responsiveness.

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