How to Hide Pictures in Android Without App

How to Hide Pictures in Android Without App

Hide Pictures in Android

We took photos as a memory for the placed we visited. Thousands of pictures and videos are being shared daily by the web users on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks, but the question is, do we share every pic we take? The answer is an absolute big NO. We keep the most of them in the gallery, simply because they are personal photos that you don’t want others to see. In this Blog post, you will learn How to Hide pictures in Android Without App.

There are two different methods, The first one rely on using an application while the second one depends on adding a dote (.) to the folder that you would like to hide your pictures in, keep reading to understand how to do it.

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Privacy matters, especially our personal info and private pictures.

In order to hide your pictures from being displayed in the phone Gallery without using an application, the first thing you should do is to Check if your file explorer supports ‘hide files’ feature. If not, then head to Google play store and download ES FILE EXPLORER.

The Steps to Hide Pictures in Android without app

First and Foremost, you have to activate ‘Show Hidden files Feature’ and here is how to do it.

  • First, go to files.
  • Second, click on settings,
  • and finally, find ‘show hidden files’ and activate it. Don’t forget to deactivate it after you hide pictures.

The second step – Create a private folder 

  • Head to My files
  • internal storage
  • More
  • Create a new folder in which you want to hide your pictures in and add a dote (.) at the beginning of the name of the folder. For instance, tech –> .tech

Third step – Begin the process of moving picture and videos to the private folder.

  • Go back to the second step and repeat the step num1 and num2
  • search for DCIM
  • Move your pictures from the folder ‘camera’ to the new folder (eg .tech).

If you want to use an application, I strongly recommend Gallery Vault.

GalleryVault is a fantastic privacy protection app to easily hide and encrypt your photos, videos and any other files that you do not want others to see.


Following the above steps will allow you to hide pictures in android without installing an application or a third party tool on the computer.

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