How to Insert Adsense within Posts on WordPress

How to Insert Adsense within Posts on WordPress

Insert Adsense within Posts

This step-by-step guide is on how to Insert Adsense within Posts on WordPress. I tackled before How to add AdSense code in the header of WordPress templates by the use of ‘Insert Header and Footer” plugin. In the second tutorial I wrote about how to insert top ad, in between-paragraphs ad and bellow post Ad by the use of Ad Injection.

As I mentioned in the title, Insert Adsense within Posts is about how to implement advertisement ad codes at within articles. Before post ad placement means : right above the main picture of your website/blog posts. After post means : below post content. We will do that by using Ad Inserter plugin. But first of all let’s talk about before post Ad placement.

Before post Ad placement is considered as one of the best Ad placements along with bellow title, in between paragraphs and below post placements. However, I don’t advise you to use them all otherwise you will lose visitors. Visitors love content, not Ads. By filling your website by ads, this way you show them that you created it only for financial purposes and not for the love of doing it.

I want to Insert Adsense within Posts on WordPress, What Ad format should I display for mobile phone and computer users?

All Advertising networks including AdSense, Chitika, and others provide different Ad units. For better user experience, I suggest you to display 320 x 50 ad banners on mobile phone and 720 x 90 ad banners on computer.

What makes these ad banners the best? They are not annoying and they don’t take too much space. Allowing you to gain more page views meantime allowing your blog visitors to navigate the posts of your blog easily.

How to Display before and after Post ad codes on mobile phone devices

We will do that by using a WordPress plugin; Ad Inserter. The plugin lets you insert Ad or HTML/JavaScript/PHP codes into your WordPress platform. It is an easy to use plugin. Download it from here (Direct Link) or Go to your 1WP Dashboard, –> plugins, –> add new and write the plugin’s name in the search box. Download it and activate it.

After activating it, go to setting and open the plugin. Click on Block 1, we will use it to display ad banner on mobile phone. Copy the Ad code (it should be a 320×50 ad banner) and paste it in the first ad Block.

In the setting of block 1, change Automatic display to before post. Check both “All Posts” and “use client-side detection to display only on mobile phone.” The last step is to click save all settings. (Look at the screen shot)

Display Adsense within Posts on mobile phone devices

Time now to insert after post Ad code, Easy as drinking water! Use Block 2 and past a 320×50 ad banner there. In Order to avoid repetition, Use Block 1 settings for Block 2, configure ‘Automatic Display’  to display the Ad banner after post. (Look at the screen shot)

Display Ad banner of 320 x 50 on mobile by using Ad Inserter

How to Display before and after post Ad codes on computer device

The process of displaying Ad codes within the text of articles on computer device is similar to the process of inserting them on mobile device.

Doing that again would be so boring to read as well as to explain. The only advice I have is to use 720 x 90 ad banners for both placements.

Don’t forget to check “use client-side detection to display only on computer and tablet.” (Look at the screen shot). Concerning ‘Automatic Display’, use Block 3 for before post and Block 4 for after post.

this picture is about how to insert ad codes within posts for users of computer

Thank you for reading this step-by-step guide on How to Insert Adsense within Posts on WordPress. I hope it helped you! If is there anything I missed to mention in the guide, feel free to write it down in comment.

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