Insert AdSense Verification Code in WordPress Header

Insert AdSense Verification Code in WordPress Header

You will learn in this post how to insert AdSense verification code in WordPress or more precisely in  the head section of your WordPress webite. There are two available methods to do it, with a plugin and/or without a plugin, which means manually inserting AdSense verification code into the header of your site. I can do this for you and for free [Contact me], continue reading if you want to do it yourself

Use a Plugin to add adsense Verification code

You can do it by installing and activating ‘Insert Headers and Footers plugin’. The plugin allows you to implement scripts like Google AdSense verification code and Google analytics to the header of your WordPress site. You can also use it to insert other scripts.

Once you open it, you will see two boxes, the upper one is dedicated for the header area, while the one under it is for the footer area. Easy peasy!! Just add adsense verification code to wordpress in the upper box and click save.

Download the plugin from here

we use insert headers and footers plugin to insert Adsense verification code

How to Insert Adsense verification code Manually: 

if you don’t want to use the plugin, you can do it manually using theme editor. Follow these steps!

  1. Go to appearance
  2. scroll down to editor
  3. in the right side search for header.php
  4. You found it? great! Click on it
  5. Scroll down and search for this: <head>.
  6. Past the code right after it. ( look at the screenshot)
  7. and finally, Click Update file. that’s it.

Congratulation!! You have just inserted AdSense verification code to the head of your website properly. Once you do that, please just ease yourself. Stop bothering your mind; humm I think I didn’t do it the right way!! All you have to do is to keep working on your site posts and Wait for AdSense approval or disapproval email.

Here is how to check if you have done it the right way or not.

  • Open your site in a new private window. (Use Google chrome to do that)
  • Right click and view site source.
  • Ctrl+F and search for adsbygoogle.

This way you will see if the code has been inserted properly or not. Remember that the code you search for in the ‘site source’ should exactly match the one AdSense provided you. If the code appears to be all on one line this means that the code hasn’t inserted properly. Just follow the steps and everything will be okay, Good luck Guys !

Feel free to write your question in the comment section!

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