Best IPTV Player for Windows 7, 8 and 10

Best IPTV Player for Windows 7, 8 and 10

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I still have good memories of the day we set up the dish, the television, and connected all those long cables together to start watching TV. Those were good days.

Everything changed over time but for the better. Technology has made watching TV easier thanks to Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Keep reading…

Got an email from a friend that says “what is the best IPTV player for windows?” Well, I didn’t want to recommend any of the tools before testing at least some of them. I have done my research; I installed and used different IPTV windows players to come out only with the best one to recommend in this article.

There are tons of Media players on the web, but choosing the right one for your windows computer isn’t easy.

I know that you are searching for a lightweight IPTV player that doesn’t consume too much RAM, provides a good user experience, and full control of what you watch. The most important thing, it should support IP-TV.

Before scrolling down to the list, let’s read a little bit about this tech.

The question is what is IPTV?

It was known as elementary streams over IP networks or MPEG transport streams. The official term nowadays is IPTV or IP to TV. It is a technology that transmits video content relying on the network of Internet Protocol (IP).

It is described as a secure and stable delivery to subscribers of entertainment video and similar services. These services may cover, for instance, Live TV, Video on Demand (VOD), and Interactive TV knows as (ITV).

What’s the best IPTV Player for the Windows Operating system?


I am sure that 90% of the readers have expected me to mention VLC media as the best IPTV player. But why? The program is so amazing, popular, and free to use. I personally use it to watch videos, play IPTV playlist, music, and movies.

“VLC is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.”



– It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android, and other platforms.

– It respects your privacy: no tracking, no spying and no ads of course.

– VLC Media supports around 40 formats or more including M3U and M3u8 which are the official formats for IPTV files.

Microsoft store version doesn’t support all video formats, I recommend that you download the classic version which you will find on their official website.

It is important to mention that you must have your IPTV subscription in order to use VLC Media to watch IPTV channels because it doesn’t stream channels, or host media content.

How to stream IPTV files on VLC.

– Install and open VLC

– Click on media or CTRL + O

– And then click on ‘open file’ to adding a new playlist.

So, why VLC Media? A simple interface, free to download, secure, and available on all platforms.



According to my experience with windows Os, I’d like to recommend VLC media as the best IPTV player. As I’ve mentioned above, there are lots of Media players, choosing the right one will be based on your personal experience. If you think that you have better recommendations, please use the comment section to write your thoughts.

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