Is Matched Betting Legal in India?

Is Matched Betting Legal in India?

Matched Betting Is Legal in India

More and more Indians now bet on tennis matches because of the potential income that goes with it. When done with the right strategy, it could really become a profitable venture. Without proper strategy, their money could be gone in a flash. One of the most popular strategies for betting on tennis matches is matched betting. This strategy allows bettors to make money from sports betting without risking or losing anything. 

In matched betting, you use the free bets provided by a sports betting website. You place a bet that your chosen player will lose the match. The advantage of matched betting is that you will win either way because you placed two opposing bets. However, Indians looking for tennis match betting tips have second thoughts about the legality of this strategy. In this article, we will answer this question to remove any doubts about matched betting strategy. 

How Does Matched Betting Work? 

Before we answer the question of legality, let us first take a look at how matched betting works. It involves two types of bets: “lay” and “back” bets. You place your lay bet on your selected team to lose. You cannot find a lay bet in sportsbooks so the way to go is to look for a betting exchange when placing your lay bet. The back bet, on the other hand, is a wager on a team that will win. Similarly, a back bet is allowed in a betting exchange. 

Matched betting works by accessing free bets and promotions from the betting website. Most websites offer free bets as a welcome bonus to entice new users to sign up with them. You can use these free bets as your wager for an outcome. Matched betting guarantees getting back almost 95% of the free bet amount because betting exchanges usually collect 5% commission. How much you will make from matched betting will depend on the following factors: 

A Question of Legality 

Although matched betting does sound too good to be true, it is entirely legal. There are some grey areas about matched betting. Land-based gambling dens are illegal in India, but this is not the case with online betting sites.  In addition, matched betting has long been regarded as one of the easiest ways to earn a tax-free profit. 

By joining a betting exchange, you can place a bet on tennis matches to bet on today. With matched betting, you are not cheating either the bookie or the betting exchange. Bookmakers bring new players to their websites and services by offering free bets. In the same way, you can place bets on a betting exchange since they are independent of a bookmaker. 

Compared to traditional bookmakers, betting exchanges allow sports betting. In addition, betting markets are aware of matched betting. However, they do not change their welcome offers of free bets. Due to its risk-free nature, most new bettors think that it is a scam. But this is not the case. It is risk-free because this is the way the strategy is designed. 

Tips & Tricks on Matched Betting  

Although matched betting is legal in India, there are some things you need to take into consideration. 

1. Careful With the Betting Exchange

Betting exchanges charge a nominal commission on your winnings. They provide a suitable venue for placing the lay bet as they are not allowed with the bookmakers. Finding a good betting exchange is therefore vital in making good profits. Keep in mind that the less commission you pay, the more winnings you keep. 

2. Be Clear With the Terms 

To ensure maximum profits, make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of matched betting in your selected exchange. In addition, you need to determine the number of bets you can make and win after placing them. Different bookies and betting exchanges have different rules for matched betting, so make sure to compare. 

3. Look for Similar Odds 

Odds can significantly impact your overall profit; thus, it is essential to find markets that have closely matched odds. Remember that you are placing separate bets with the bookie and the betting exchange, so look for the one with the closest match. Check with the best tennis match betting prediction websites to find the best odds. The closer the odds, the more money you can make. 

4. Use Multiple Bookmakers 

The competition in online sports betting is tougher than ever. Each bookie offers attractive promos and deals to attract new customers and keep loyal ones. These promos can help you make huge profits. Register with several bookmakers to get maximum profits. Just watch out for the more suspicious ones and stay away from them. Check out for reviews about the site and if the offer seems too good to be true, move on to the next. 
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