A List of the Best Android Apps that you Should Know About

A List of the Best Android Apps that you Should Know About

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I will try to tackle in this post a list of the best android apps that you should know about. Do you know how many available applications in the Google Play Store? According to Statista, the number of available apps in the Google Play Store exceeded two million apps in September 2016. The accurate number is 2.400.000 apps. This is immense!

There are dead apps that no one knows about them and leading apps with 100 million up to One Billion or more downloads as stated on WikiPedia. After giving you  statistics about the number of available apps in the Google Play store, time now to talk about the applications that you should have in your Android device.

Let’s begin by Best Android Apps for Content Discovering. If you like to discover new content from blogs and websites from all around the world, I highly recommend you to install Reddit or Stumbleupon (Download link below). from my own point of view, these are the best available discovering content apps in the play store. There are different communities on Reddit, you can find there technology, science, food, gadgets and many other communities in wish you can discover new posts, meet new people and discuss topics that matter to you. The same thing goes with Stumbleupon. It lets you discover new posts, photos and videos. Just define your interests and let it bring you awesome topics. There is also Digg and delicious, they are good too but I prefer Reddit and Stumbleupon.

[appbox googleplay com.reddit.frontpage&hl=en]

[appbox googleplay com.stumbleupon.android.app&hl=en]

Best Battery Saving Apps: Bunch of battery saver applications available in the Google play store that their developers claim that those apps are able to save battery power and extend battery life, which is sometimes not true. Most of apps are just scam. Finding a good app that saves battery power and protects battery health is like searching for a needle in a haystack. I wrote before here about apps that save battery life. There is Mobiwol, Shutapp and AccuBattery. Believe me guys, you won’t find apps better than these ones. Mobiwol: blocks app from using the internet hence improving battery power and Ram memory. Shutapp: stops foreground and background apps from running. Accubattery; protects battery health and displays battery usage information.  Three app were reviewed on technicalforweb.com. Check the reviews from the links below.

Best Android App For All Your Questions: Quora is a social place in which professional and nonprofessional persons gather and discuss variety of question in the topics that matter to them. It is a place where all kind of questions have replies. The community is so big. From one hand, you can ask about anything and get replies within minutes. From the second hand, you can answer questions that people ask. If you love to help people and answering questions, install Quora then. Visit my profile.

[appbox googleplay com.quora.android&hl=en]

The Best Photo Editing App: How many pictures do you shoot a day? If none, then the following app is not for you, just stumble it and read the next one. Wait buddy, what if I tell you that it’s a very amazing app that lets you edit your photo like a pro and just by one click. Would you read about it? I hope you do! It is called Photoshop Express. This app is amazing. I use it myself and it performs well. Its auto enhance feature does everything. Just open the app, upload the picture and click on auto enhance. The result will impress you. There is also a variety of filters that you can use. The app contains some premium features that you can unlock just by signing in with a Microsoft account. Lovely isn’t it.

android appsSundown by Mounir Roukky. edited by Photoshop express.

[appbox googleplay com.adobe.psmobile&hl=en]

The Best Photos and Videos Discovering Apps: Instagram and Pinterest, both apps allow you to surf new pictures and videos uploaded by different users with different interest which offers different content. Big names can be found on Instagram. This shows the quality of content you can find there. It’s you who define the quality of content that you surf on social media apps. Follow good users and good channels.

Best Messaging & Social Media Apps and their Alternatives: Why do we have cell phones? We have them in order to communicate with others. In my opinion, this is the first reason to have a phone. The best messaging app that lets you communicate with your friends, colleagues and family is Whatsapp because it is smooth, attractive and allows you to chat with people you know. In addition to whatsapp, there are also others including Imo, Line, Viber and Facebook Messenger. They do the same job as whatsapp but I love to use whatsapp. That’s why I’m sticking to it.

We can’t talk about social media apps without mentioning Facebook. It comes first, followed by twitter and LinkedIn. By the way LinkedIn helps thousands of jobless people to find jobs unless me ha-ha. Just try it, it is helpful.

Is there anything important that I missed to mention above? Try to write it in the comment section. I hope that you liked the post.

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