List of Top Soccer Blogs Every Fan Should Know in 2022

List of Top Soccer Blogs Every Fan Should Know in 2022

There are plenty of different sites to choose from all across the internet when it comes to soccer. The game has millions of fans across the globe who tune in every weekend for some high-octane action. While this is true for real life, the online world is open wide at all times for soccer news and updates on any given topic. One can find scores or live updates on sites like the blogs we’re about to enumerate. This is where soccer blogs come into play, as these blogs highlight what’s happening around this beautiful game at any point in time.

As you will see below, we’ve collected some of the best sources for soccer news, analysis, and reviews from the fan perspective. These sites often cover local teams but also keep an eye on major tournaments the world over. Whether you are looking for breaking news or simply want to read up on your favourite player, here are top soccer blogs you should be reading in 2022.

History of Soccer –

History of Soccer covers all available and up-to-date news about soccer worldwide. From the World Cup to regional league competitions, you’ll be able to keep yourself in the loop with match results, transfers, and other controversies around the exciting world of soccer. 

Other than serving its readers the latest happenings in the soccer industry, History of Soccer also aims to educate its readers about the past and how soccer came into existence. Its records exhibit how the sport grew into an industry and told the stories about the significant figures, teams, and games that happened all throughout history and made the game what it is today. They have a Facts section on their website and the Development of the Game where you’ll be able to access all this information, as well as the variations the sport took as it grew to influence other kinds of sporting games.

Football Extras –

The website is a one-stop-shop for all your soccer needs. Whether you want to know what’s going on in the Premier League or LaLiga, there are plenty of articles that cover these leagues as well as other European football news from around the world. The site features an engaging and creative tone that will keep readers coming back, again and again, no matter their interest level with regards to international sports such as the Italian league Serie A. The website’s simple and accessible layout will make soccer enthusiasts’ experience in catching up with the recent sports news smooth and pleasant.

Cheri’s Content – 

This WordPress blog, created by Karen Gacheri, serves you with recent match results of soccer games happening all around the world. You can find blog posts reviewing and analysing games and player performances, providing its readers with insightful takes of recent games. If you want to know some opinions from fellow soccer fans and enthusiasts, you’ll be able to have your fill with this blog.

Top Soccer Blog –

Top Soccer Blog is constantly updating its site with fresh news about developments in all major soccer clubs, including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United. You will also get to know how things stand at smaller clubs like Everton and Dundee United through their articles. Whether you support your local squad or any other big-time club from anywhere in the world, Top Soccer Blog will definitely not disappoint you during match days.

Special features on Top Soccer Blog can keep you entertained even off-season when there is no soccer action happening around the globe. Bettors can find relevant information about their favourite teams and players to help them make knowledgeable bets that can help them up to their chances for a win. With Top Soccer Blog, you won’t lack anything involving soccer; we can assure you that.

Boro Guide – 

This website offers fans a wide variety of information about their favourite club – Stevenage FC– whether it be breaking news or player profiles. It also has a section that features news from the international soccer scene  and another section with the latest results.

Boro Guide has an archive and record of seasons and players that can prove to be useful to soccer enthusiasts hoping to learn about past and present games. Besides providing news and updates in the world of soccer, they also help provide the results of the season’s matches. They have a podcast where they welcome others to share their thoughts, reviews, and analyses of games in A Load of Old Toffee. Stevenage fans will definitely find themselves a home in the Boro Guide.

Footy Times –

Footy Times aims to be your go-to for all things soccer. From international news and scores from around the world, you’ll never want this site’s coverage of football stories anywhere else. Their website boasts an active and constantly updated feed of news coverage from all over the world. 

Their focus is anything that is related to soccer, and not just soccer matches and results, although they have those in abundance. The culture of the sport is given importance in their culture section; they have a profile of the industry’s most relevant players today, and they also have a section dedicated to the major international soccer league tournament, the FIFA World Cup. 

Final Thoughts

There are various reasons for fans to read soccer blogs – perhaps they want to find out more about their favourite players; perhaps they want to learn more about a certain team or league that is going to be playing soon, and they want to know if they’re worth betting on. Perhaps they simply enjoy reading. Whatever the reason, soccer blogs definitely have something for everyone, especially for soccer fans and enthusiasts out there. 

With this list, we hope you are able to pick one to go to for your soccer needs. These blogs have proven themselves to be of value with their prompt pick-up of matches, news, updates, trends, and even rumours circulating around the industry. Subscribing to their website won’t take anything from you; in fact, you’ll be gaining a lot more.

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