5 Tips to Make Money During Pandemic

5 Tips to Make Money During Pandemic

make money online for beginners

The world has seen many pandemics and disasters, but this one is special in every way. It has made the impossible, possible. In such drastic times, you can still earn money, and we will let you know-how.

By following the given options, you may end up getting a permanent passive income source!

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Clickfunnels

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods for having a Passive Income.

Placing in straightforward terms, it is an arrangement in which one online business gets traffic or deals from another person or company, and in return, it has to pay some amount.

If you are working as an Affiliate with Clickfunnels, then this means that you have a partnership, and you will get a commission for every sale that you have made for others. The portion of the commission that you will get is 40%.

You don’t have to place some massive amount as an investment for starting this type of work. You just have to sign up for the Affiliate program and boom; you can begin to earning day and night! You don’t even have to be a master of Affiliate marketing for this. Start doing this, and you will find more and more ways to earn on your journey.

Just make sales for others through Clickfunnels and earn from home even when you are sleeping.

  • Blogging:

There is no need to tell you guys about what blogging is. Still, it can be said as the passion some people have regarding writing about different topics. A blog is a written content present online on websites and has the latest posts regarding the topic on the top, and the previous posts are shown below the recent ones.

From the definition, we don’t get any information about the earning, right?

Here are some ways you can earn money from the blogs:

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Use your blogs to make the readers go and buy some products so that you get some commission. Many Affiliates widely use blogs.

  • Sponsored Content:

Once you get the ears of people, have traffic on your blogs, start writing sponsored content. A lot of money can be earned this way.

  • Promotion:

Some people like to get promoted by paying money. You get money from them and simply promote them.

  • Ads:

Run ads for people and companies and start earning. Ads on the blogs are pretty common and a lot of websites earn money that way.

  • Work for Companies:

Some companies want blogs for them, you write blogs from them and earn money.

  • Sell items on the Blog:

You can sell services, some products, or other things by using sales funnels and other marketing and sales techniques in your blogs.

  • Vlogging:

This is an emerging way of earning these days. To put it most simply, you put videos on your channels on websites and get money based upon the number of views you get.

People get 2$ per thousand views on youtube and even some get 4$ per thousand views so the only thing you have to do is make some viral videos and get attention, your account will automatically fill with money.

In the current times when every market is suffering from losses, this is the place you can earn considerable money. More number of people are active on these websites nowadays due to self-quarantine and lockdown. Don’t waste your time watching, do vlogging, and earn!

  • Build an Email list:

It is not as simple as it sounds.

Email lists are really useful for business marketing and sales.

On average, if you put one dollar in email marketing, you get 35 times more money.

This is a really useful tool for businesses as Email marketing get you more determined customers, allows personalization, allows more targeted lead magnets, give you information about age, gender, interests, and many other things, etc.

Now, how to make money online from these?

Simply start making your Email lists and get as many people in it as you can, make the numbers grow and if you do everything right, you can even rent your list for the promotion of companies.

As Email marketing is preferred and has more results than any other strategy, you can use it to get people, customers, promote products, promote services, promote other companies, use it for customer supports, surveys, and in many other ways. The tough job is to get people in, the part where you start getting money from it is simple.

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