Most Popular American Football Websites to Follow in 2022

Most Popular American Football Websites to Follow in 2022

American football is an ever-growing sports industry, despite its already monstrous reach. People from all over the world anticipate the latest news, updates, and match results from their favourite teams or players in the NFL. With their preferred websites and sports news outlets, we’re sure that readers always are in the loop when it comes to the industry of American football–but just in case, there are any unsatisfied readers out there who are always surprised that they missed out on something crucial, we have this list of popular American Football websites for you to follow this 2022 season.

The following websites have proven themselves to be the best at what they do, which is deliver the latest and freshest updates on the NFL, with interesting takes and insights from their corresponding writers. So if you plan to change your websites or are just still searching for the right one, then one of these six websites might just do it for you.

Russell Street 

The Russell Street Report prides itself on its quality written articles that are targeted to intelligent fans of the NFL and, particularly, the Baltimore Ravens. With the proliferation of a number of sports news publications through the internet, the Russell Street Report differentiates itself from other publications by ‘distilling’ and ‘opining’ the news in consideration of fans and readers.

Available on their websites are articles involving the Ravens as well as the general updates of the current season, replays and recaps, news and analysis, as well as up-to-date and reliable data for the NFL bettor.

The website has been honoured as the best blog dedicated to the Baltimore Ravens by a number of publications. In addition to these accolades, the founder, Tony Lombardi, was named Baltimore’s Best Columnist. The Russell Street Report was once called, but they eventually changed it to the Russell Street Report, “Russell Street” being the address of the Ravens every Sunday.

The Bucs Report

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are in luck with the Bucs Report. Anything and everything Buccaneer-related under the sun can be found here. With their live reporting and their strong social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, they are able to cover the latest news and updates regarding your favourite team from Tampa, Florida. 

On their website, you’ll have access to their articles with their podcasts Real Bucs Talk and the Bucs UK Podcast.

War Blogle 

In War Blogle, you’ll find updates and news about Auburn, Alabama’s baseball, basketball, and football teams. They are very hands-on with their approach in giving you the latest sports news, with their focus primarily on football and the Auburn Tigers. They are also very active in social media, utilising all available platforms to spread the latest news and updates about Auburn’s awesome sports teams. Platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and they even have Soundcloud for their podcasts and Twitch for their live streams. You’ll find that with War Blogle, you’ll have multiple ways of catching up with your favourite sport, team, or player.

Bettors and sports gamblers can also find some value in their reports, especially in their Rumours section, where they provide potential changes in upcoming games that can affect their future bets. War Blogle also has an app available both on iOS and Android devices, as well as a store for Auburn merch. 

Flurry Sports

For a more all-encapsulating website that covers not just one team or more, Flurry Sports can be the website for you. Flurry Sports provides news and updates on a variety of sports leagues, namely the NFL, NBA, NCAA, NASCAR, and even Fantasy football and basketball leagues. They also have pages dedicated to news about other sports like soccer, golf, baseball, hockey, combat sports, wrestling, as well as esports. 

Flurry Sports allow and encourage their readers to interact, emphasising the value they hold in continuing discussion about sports and their articles. Bettors can find a home here on this website; besides providing the latest news about all kinds of sports, they also publish the latest betting odds and schedules for the bettor’s perusal.

Steeler Nation 

Pittsburgh Steeler fans have all they need when it comes to the latest results, updates, news, and potential matches with Steeler Nation. Steeler Nation boasts a feature-packed website with podcasts and video blogs of podcast director G Stryker as e he gives the rundown and opinions of each game with the Steelers during the season. The website also has the records of the team’s roster, standing, and schedule, plus an apparel store for Steelers fans wanting to get some merch. Steeler Nation also has the Terrible Tailgate, which Steeler fans can go to to watch the games with an open bar, drinks, food, and a DJ. Fans can get a ticket on their website, on Twitter, or at

Packers Talk

Fans of the Green Bay Packers have Packers Talk to call home. With their simple and accessible website, they provide insightful articles about the Green Packers, covering news, updates, and match results. They have multiple ways of starting and continuing conversations about the Green Bay Packers through their podcasts, Cheesehead Radio, No Huddle Radio Podcast, Packers Therapy, and Lemps Talking’ Pack. They provide discussion and threads regarding the latest NFL draft series, and they also have a ready archive of all seasons regarding the Green Bay Packers. Packers Talk has indeed established itself as a pillar for Green Bay Packers fans by providing all NFL needs on this website.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to discern which sports outlet is reliable with the number of sports websites out there, but we can assure you that these websites we’ve listed for you are worthy of your trust and patronage. We hope that we were able to provide some homes for fans of American football with this list of great sports news websites and that readers out there now know where to go to get some fresh updates about their favourite NFL teams.

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