Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Price, Features and Specification

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Price, Features and Specification

xiaomi mi band 2

Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Bracelet with 0.42″ OLED Display; Touch Key Control; Heart Rate Monitor; Sports Fitness Tracker; Call Reminder; IP67 for Android iOS – Black

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Price and Review

Water Resistance this particular wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is water, dust, and corrosion protected, and its IP rating is IP67. That means you can enjoy this wristband in dust, corrosion, and water activities for around 30 minutes. But do not forget to avoid water whose water depth is more than 1 meter. So now you can stay relaxed that your wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will not get damaged due to your sweat, dust, or even from any scratch which you can get to experience while maintaining your fitness regime.

Design & Dimension The shape of this wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is given an elliptical or an oval shape. The case material made of good quality plastic and its band material is silicone. Pretty good for any wristband whose pricing is kept such reasonably. The dial size of this band is 1.59 x 0.62 x 0.41 inches and its band size is 9.25 x 0.41 inches. Its total wearing length is from 6.1 to up to 8.28 inches. The weight of this health gadget is kept so light that you can enjoy wearing it in your hand 24/7. And believe me, it will not make the wearing uncomfortable and it will surely be the best friend of your health.

Health Benefits what sort of health-related help you can expect from this super awesome wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 2. We, more or less, are getting very busy in our daily life. And I personally feel that this type of health gadgets can really work wonder in our life. In the case of this wristband, while wearing this in your hand, you can measure out your heart rates automatically even without visiting the doctor’s chamber.

xiaomi mi band 2 review

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 specification

Hardware & Technical Specification Bluetooth version 4.0 in this band and it can support and can be paired with both the Android and iOS devices. It is compatible with any Android 4.4 and iOS 7.0 and above systems. You can operate the band by just touching the screen, and it will alert you by its inbuilt vibration mechanism.

Battery Capacity The capacity you can get from the battery of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is 70mAh. So it wills definitely going to give you a more or less 20 days of standby time. This gadget will take around 3 hours charging time from 0% to 100%.

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