How to Permanently Uninstall PC Program and Improve PC Performance

How to Permanently Uninstall PC Program and Improve PC Performance

Permanently Uninstall any Program

This article is about how to Permanently Uninstall PC Program and improve PC performance. Do you think that you remove all programs components after any uninstallation? Let me tell that if you use windows uninstallation programs tool, then you are not doing so.

To make things clear, by using windows tool to uninstall applications, you keep their components in your computer including: the registry and file directory of programs. Those leftovers slow down your computer performance and make you feel like you want to crush it down during online surfing.

To get rid of those lifted pickings and to improve your online surfing and PC health. I’m advising you to use LObit uninstaller. This program will add an addition to your PC. After any uninstallation the tool provides a powerful scan that allows you to delete programs leftovers.

LObit uninstaller powerful tools to Permanently Uninstall PC Program

Cleanup Residual: will help you to boost your system performance by finding windows caches files and clean them. Furthermore, cleaning what left after standard uninstallations.

File Shredder: for performance reason, some important files can’t be removed completely from your disk. If you want to completely take them out, file shredder can do that for you in simple easy clicks. For instance, you want to permanently delete Opera browser from your disk. First step is to open LObit uninstaller. Second, you go to tools and then file shredder. Third, add file or folder location; C:\Programfiles\opera. Finally, click shred button. This way you can’t recover opera file folder even after formatting computer disk. (Its known that pc files can be restored even disk is formatted.)

Windows Tools: provides a fast access to manage windows tools including: Registry, task scheduler, security center and more.

Uninstall History:  is a tool which reminds you to do a powerful scan but only if some of leftovers are left after a manual uninstallation of a program or many programs.

I personally use LObit Uninstaller to remove programs, toolbars and plugins. It helps me to remove programs that I could not remove before by the use of windows uninstallation programs tool. I recommend it strongly!!!!!

How to Permanently Uninstall PC Program
  • First thing to do is to run the program and select the tool you want to uninstall.
  • second thing is to confirm that you want to remove that specific application.
  • finally, after standard uninstall –> run the powerful scan ( don’t forger to select shred option) which  will completely  remove file directory from your PC.
How to Permanently Uninstall any Program and Improve PC Performance...
Permanently Uninstall PC Program
Permanently Uninstall PC Program

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