What’s the Best Free keylogger for an Android?

What’s the Best Free keylogger for an Android?

android keylogger for free

Free keylogger for an android have gained significant attention nowadays as it makes tracking of keywords easier in android devices where monitoring is sometimes essential. It helps especially when you want to track an android phone’s usage.

A keylogger is a software that keeps a log of every word or key that you type or press on the keyboard installed on your android phone. To be specific, it may be termed as a hardware device that stores your passwords, messages, credit/debit card numbers, and everything that you type. The primary use of such an app is seen in android and iOS devices.

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Apart from keystrokes and SMS, location, web history, chats, and call history is also stored using the built-in logger feature. Any activity on the screen of your android device can also be tracked using a screenshot capturing module.

How safe are they for the user?

This android compatible app is handy to the users, but there are some problems while using this app as the app uses permission settings to allow access to the phone’s complete information and actions. Although the information in the phone that the app collects is directed to the one who controls it, if the information is in the wrong hands, it might cause a massive problem.

What is the functionality of Snoopza keylogger in the free version?

The free version of the app is one of the most downloaded and used in terms of android keyloggers. The basic version, which is the free one, also comes with some fascinating features like tracking web history, calls, messages, Geo location. All you need to do is go ahead and download and install the app and start using it by creating an account.

parents can use keylogger to spy on their children

What is the better-paid version from the free version?

The basic plan for the software is very cool, but the features that appear with the paid version are even more exciting. Before you download the paid version and use it, let us know what the features added to the pack for the paid versions are.

The standard paid version comes with call recording feature, Viber spying, Facebook spy, WhatsApp spy, Snapchat spying, Screenshots monitoring, contacts monitoring, stealth mode, to-do list monitoring, camera monitoring and alert for sim card change.

How do I install the software on my phone?

  1. Open the Play Store app on your phone
  2. Navigate to the Play Protect option and further to the Settings option and disable the “Scan device for security threats” option
  3. Open the browser and browse the official website of the software
  4. Create your “Free account” by entering your email and password
  5. Now download and open the app
  6. Open your phone’s settings and enable “Allow from this source
  7. Install the app and open it
  8. Login to your account using the same email and password and press “Activate.”
  9. Allow all the permission options to use the app successfully

Do I have to pay for the Snoopza program?

The basic version is pretty good, but the paid version, as discussed earlier, can do miracles. Now, if you wish to experience all the exciting features of the app, you need to pay for the program and access it in your android phone.

Conclusions on the use of the program

Snoopza app is one of the best Free keylogger for an android phone in terms of tracking your or someone other’s android phone. You may be a parent who is concerned regarding your child’s actions, an employer who needs to monitor the activities of your employees, or a worried spouse wondering about your partner’s actions. Missing or stolen android devices can also be tracked using Snoopza. It helps you to feel safe and happy, having knowledge about everything going in your life.

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