Top 10 Apps to Use for Work and School

Top 10 Apps to Use for Work and School

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There are a bunch of useful apps that available for both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store for pretty much any occasion. For instance, apps like Mobiwol and Shutapp help improve a gadget’s battery life, while apps such as Photoshop Express are great for editing pictures. Then there are the mainstream social media apps — Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name three — that connect millions of people worldwide. Such preponderance of apps makes it difficult to choose only the best and most useful ones for work and school. But we’re here to help, and we’ve compiled this list of the 10 top apps to use so you can remain on top of your game.

For School

Here are 5 useful apps for school:

For Organization: My Study Life

Available on: Android and iOS

Best application for studentsThe best app to organize your work for school and work

My Study Life is ThoughtCo’s best free study app to get this 2020, and students can use it to create task lists, set reminders about projects and deadlines, and schedule important school-related events. Even better, the app will send user notifications if there are unfinished tasks, conflicting schedules, and upcoming exams. Available both online and offline, the app uses cloud storage to store data, which means it can be perused whenever, wherever, and on any device. Not to mention, My Study Life is free — a definite plus for students.

For Productivity: Evernote

Available on: Android and iOS

best application for taking notesEvernote – Best app for taking notes

Evernote is a note-taking app that students can use to create digital notebooks, and even organize them into “stacks” for easy reference. These notes can be typed, handwritten, or even come in the form of PDFs images, and audio memos. Add tags for organization, and you’re set for straight-up organization. Even better, the app backs up all these notes into the cloud, too, which means it is accessible wherever there is the internet, and on any device. While Evernote is free, it’s worth taking note that there is also a premium version with added features — but even without it, one can find Evernote the ultimate note-taking app as it is.

For Communication: Hangouts

Available on: Android and iOS

best video call application for android 2020Best app for video calls – google hangouts

For total collaboration between friends, classmates, and teachers, Hangouts is your best option. You can chat privately, or set up a group chat where needed — all it needs is your Gmail account. Not to mention, you can even do video calls! In fact, HP recommends Hangouts for video calls, as it’s a quick and easy way to do a face-to-face chat with someone, conduct a group meeting, or even give a presentation! Users can even record their video chats without buying video export or storage products. All they’ll need is an active YouTube channel to do so. This ease of use truly makes Hangouts perfect for group projects.

For Limiting Distraction: Forest

Available on: Android and iOS

best application if you want o stay focusedScreenshot credit: Google play store

A main source of distraction among students is their smartphone. Enter, Forest, an app that employs gamification to limit smartphone use. Here is how it works: When the app is launched, it will “plant” a virtual tree that will “grow,” but only if the smartphone is left untouched; otherwise, it will “die.” Progress can be tracked via a virtual forest, which the user can only grow if they stay committed to not touching their smartphone such as during study time at home.

For Health: Elevate

Available on: Android and iOS

elevate application for brain training games

A mental workout is as important as a physical one, especially for students. Elevate helps in that regard, as it works the mind out through activities designed to enhanced cognition, focus, memorization, and focus. Crucially, Elevate also features exercises that can improve students’ math, reading, writing, and language skills. With the app’s game-like format, users are guaranteed to enjoy playing and get some much-needed brain training to boot.

For Work

The following, on the other hand, are 5 useful apps for work:

For Organization: Trello

Available on: Android and iOS

Trello expert Brittany Joiner notes that this app can keep one organized despite an onslaught of information and things to do. That’s because one can use Trello to create to-do lists, organize data, prioritize projects, plan events (both personal and professional), and even facilitate project management and team collaboration (through the sharing of project boards). Users can also join Trello communities, where they can learn how to maximize the app’s many features, including Power-Ups (third-party apps that a user can use in conjunction with Trello).

For Productivity: Flow

Available on: iOS only

Users of iPhones and iPads will love Flow by Moleskine, as it makes note-taking easy and artsy. Winner of the Apple Design Award last year, Flow lets users take notes or draw on an infinite-width virtual paper. The writing tools and paper are also fully customizable. For the former, the user can choose between virtual pens, pencils, and markers of various colors and sizes. For the latter, the user can pick between Moleskine’s traditional ivory paper, or opt for black, white, or blue paper. This is a novel, not to mention, an enjoyable way to take down those important notes and ideas on-the-go.

For Communication: Slack

Available on: Android and iOS

Technologists at Ragtag describe Slack as a chat room for the entire team, where members can keep a sense of community and camaraderie. It combines email, instant messaging, and text messaging, along with allowing real-time collaboration even among employees working remotely. What’s more, Slack has a ton of plugins to different apps that are often used in the workplace today, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, or bots that can automate tasks. Slack, via Slackbot, can even auto-generate reminders or to-do alerts for everyone. Given this, it’s no wonder Slack has become hugely popular amongst workplace teams since it was released in 2013.

For Limiting Distraction: Freedom

Available on: Android and iOS

Freedom is the best app for Android and IOS to block websites and apps

Freedom is an app that blocks distractions online and on one’s smartphone. With cross-platform functionality, this app can keep the user from accessing apps on their smartphone or tablet, as well as certain websites on their computer or laptop. The user will just need to curate a list of the websites and apps they want to be blocked, and Freedom will do the rest until it is disabled. The user can also schedule when to run Freedom, such as during work hours. Even better, it can be launched in Locked Mode to keep it running for a certain amount of time, which will ensure little-to-no distractions.

For Health: Breethe

Available on: Android and iOS

Best app to help in Meditation & SleepScreenshot source: AppStore

The workplace can be a source of unbearable stress. The Breethe app can help in this case, as it teaches employees how to de-stress — over 2 or 3 5-minute meditation sessions a day. It includes short meditations, as well as meditations specifically for times of crisis. It even offers tips on how to overcome failure or pressure, how to live with purpose, and how to find inner peace.