Top 10 Casino Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022

Top 10 Casino Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2022

There are hundreds of casino blogs and websites offering guides, tips, and strategies to help you in your casino needs. But how do you know which ones are safe and reliable for you to spend your money on? 

Luckily for you, we’ve curated some of the biggest gambling sites out there to make it easier to stay up-to-date with current casino news, improve your poker skills, and learn about the best tips and tricks for winning at blackjack, roulette, and other table games. Read all about casino gaming or simply browse through some of the most trusted and top-rated online casinos where you can win real money!

My Poker Coaching (2015)

Tracing their growth back to 2015, mypokercoaching has been providing gamers personal training, stories, and news about casinos and poker. They have been proven to be a top-quality poker coaching team, providing players with the knowledge and skill needed in the game of poker.

On their website, you’ll be able to find casino blogs, Canadian casinos, poker blogs, poker cheat sheets, push fold charts, and training sites, all catered to help you learn more about the strategy behind poker. With knowledge and experience, one’s chances to master this game are furthermore amplified with the help mypokercoaching. Visit their website now to be the best poker gamer you can be.

Best Gaming Tips (2019)

Best Gaming Tips is a blog catered to online gamers and techies in general. It’s a go-to, easily accessible site with guides to the best gaming deals and gears such as gaming laptops, chairs, headphones, and other equipment that is guaranteed to level up your gaming prowess. 

The main feat this site has to offer, though, is the gaming guides you’ll find in their blogs. They can provide you with hacks and cheat sheets to spice up and ease your experience in different games; they have blogs on weapons and characters from different games. They even provide you with the best RPG available out there to try. 

Rohit Hebbar (2019)

If you’re a beginner trying out online poker for the first time, Rohit Hebbar is the person to go to. At, you’ll be able to learn the basics, neat skills, and tricks in the general threshold of poker. Poker, especially online poker, is just like any other game, and you’ll only realize how necessary it is to have someone teaching you the ropes when you visit his blog. There, he has an archive of guides and tips that you’ll find interesting and helpful to read. You’ll find poker tutorials, resources, an odds calculator, and all you need to know about poker. With him by your side, you’ll know how to play this game—and actually get a chance to win. is the ultimate poker resource for everyone, for new players as well as for advanced players. Go through various poker guides, tips from the website and become a poker master, and win a lot of poker tournaments. 

Casino Poker News (2019)

Casino Poker News is a comprehensive guide in the world of casinos, giving you updated and on-the-ground coverage of gaming-related information out there. It is an online magazine that offers you a plethora of topics, covering games like poker and roulette. Tips, tricks, and strategies in the gaming industry are a sure find in their archives of articles. 

Through this magazine, you’ll be able to stay updated on the latest news and trends in the gaming industry today. So if you’re looking to keep up with the fast-paced, ever-changing life of casino gaming, Casino Poker News is the magazine for you.

Casino World Games

Stay updated with the latest reviews and hottest casinos with Casino World Games. This blog has an extensive list of possible avenues for you to spend your money for games like roulette, blackjack, and rummy wherever you may be. They have articles for the US gamers, Indians, Singaporeans, and all of them are guaranteed to be the curation of experienced and seasoned players. They can also provide you with guides in card games, as well as news about casino gaming all over the world. 

Online Las Vegas Reviews

In need of a little direction when it comes to safe and reliable casino avenues? Online Las Vegas Reviews has been providing players with guides and reviews about available casinos out there, both online and on the ground. They aim to provide their base with safe and trusted spots to spend their money, and they do this with their lists of truthful reviews about casinos and the abundance of data available to them. 

In addition to this, they also provide you with an archive of articles that will surely help you know a little more than you already know about casino gaming. So if you want to perfect your skills and increase your chances of winning, we suggest you hit Online Las Vegas Reviews for their tips!

Gamblers Daily Digest

Gamblers Daily Digest will provide its readers with breaking news about the casino world, in addition to helping here and there with their tips and tricks in their Learn To Play. Safe and reliable, they can provide you with top-notch places to go to spend your money, from casinos in Las Vegas to cruises from all over the world. 

Besides their reviews and guides for the perfect casino getaway, their articles tell stories of first-hand accounts from winners and incredible jackpots that can surely inspire you to win your games yourself. 

Weekly Slots News (2018)

Dedicated specifically to slots players who want to improve their game, discover new methods, and perfect their skill sets in both online and land-based casinos, Weekly Slots News is a news site that publishes original content every week. They analyze online slots casinos for your advantage, which means you will never have to waste time searching for a reputable casino again. They also inform you about new slot games and slot gaming suppliers from throughout the world, so you will know where to go on your next gaming vacation.

But all this aside, Weekly Slots News offers players useful information that may either keep you engaged or increase your chances of winning a slot machine game. Get inspired and read up at Weekly Slots News now.

Online Poker Planet (2020)

One of the best places to stay up to date on all the newest poker news is Online Poker Press (OPP). With OPP, you can stay updated about the latest industry news that can affect our day-to-day gaming experience. Missing out is not an option, with OPP keeping you in the loop. Aside from making sure you don’t miss out, OPP also provides you with player arenas you can enjoy yourself in, as well as opportunities for you to up your game and quite possibly double your chances of winning.

Real Money Mobile Casinos (2019)

When it comes to online casino games, Real Money Mobile Casinos is the best in providing you with online casino games that are guaranteed to deal with real money. They have an extensive list of slot games and mobile casinos that can give you the same excitement and thrill when you play games in real life. With Real Money Casino games, you can earn real money and enjoy yourself in the process!

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