Top 12 Best Sports News Sites for 2022

Top 12 Best Sports News Sites for 2022

Getting your daily sports updates on your favourite teams and athletes is about to get a tad bit easier with this list of the best sports news sites for 2022. We’ve scoured the internet, filtering through the hundreds of sports news websites out there, and we’ve picked out the most consistent and up-to-date sites that provide readers with relevant and entertaining sports news.

With the massive selection of sports websites out there, it can be quite cumbersome to go through the haystack to get your quality daily sports updates. We’ve filtered out the noise with this list of top 12 best sports news sites that offer comprehensive sports coverage across every team you care about and every league you follow that pique your interest. You may check out all the latest sports betting odds at, the best online crypto betting casino and the global official betting partner of FIBA .

Football Audit –

Football Audit has been diligent in its mission to bring its readers the latest European football news and transfer reports, and it’s paid off well with their clean and clear-cut website that won’t lead readers astray with annoying pop-up ads. They’ve been delivering quality sports news since their inception in 2019 under Audit Trends Services, and for the past three years, they’ve established themselves as a reliable cornerstone for football news. On their websites, you’ll be able to access their match reports, transfer news, and football articles with fresh news and updates about matches and personalities of the football leagues.

Sporty Leagues  –

Sporty Leagues is another website where you’ll be able to find a constantly updated feed of football news updates, transfers, match results, and other football-related articles to keep their readers entertained. Readers will be able to keep track of matches and scores in the different leagues across the world; they’ll be able to follow the latest transfers of their favourite teams, as well as their upcoming match-ups. When it comes to timely and relevant sports news, Sporty Leagues won’t let you down.

Sports Big News –

In Sports Bigs News, you’ll be able to catch up on every sport you follow, like cricket, football, tennis, badminton, hockey, basketball, and many more. They have a team of writers maintaining the constant stream of news on their website, making sure that readers are all up to date with all possible interests in popular sports. They also have featured articles that will keep sports enthusiasts informed and entertained, with topics ranging from transfer news to celebrity listicles.


For sports lovers, Sports Saying is a website covering a wide array of popular sports, from the NBA, WWE, NFL, MLB, IPL, and EPL. So for sports enthusiasts who aren’t confined with a single favourite sport, they won’t need to go anywhere else; Sports Saying has it all covered. Fans of football, basketball, hockey, and tennis will be able to keep up with the fast-paced world of sports with their round-the-clock updates of news and feature articles.

LAX Sports Nation –

With a focus on the Los Angeles sports base, the LAX Sports Nation exists to enhance media coverage over Los Angeles sports news, updates, and happenings all over the world. From basketball to hockey, LAX Sports Nation follows the events surrounding their homegrown teams in the sports world, namely the Angels, Chargers, Clippers, Dodgers, Ducks, Galaxy, Kings, LAFC, Lakers, and Rams. Their coverage of the teams’ progress and actions is always recent and updated, so you can expect prompt and proper sports reports. If you’re from Los Angeles and want to keep track of your favourite teams, you won’t do any better than LAX Sports Nation.

Love Tennis Blog –

For tennis lovers out there looking for a blog to follow, Love Tennis Blog is the one for you. Love Tennis Blog provides news and updates involving the most recent happenings in tennis. They have feature articles about lifestyle and tennis culture, as well as guides for bettors out there looking to bet on the sport. Besides news and betting guides, they also do reviews about the latest and popular tennis fashion, equipment, and trends. Founded all the way back in 2010, Love Tennis Blog is run by a team of writers sharing the same passion for the sport and continues to keep their readers updated and knowledgeable on everything tennis.

Badminton –

For everything badminton, Badminton Bladet provides its readers access to the most recent team tournaments for 2021-22, as well as blog articles with interesting topics involving the sport. They cover matches and results of European badminton leagues, so their readers can follow their favourite players and their progress in their respective games. Badminton Bladet has a badminton museum. And for those who want to stay informed, it provides a newsletter where readers can register to keep themselves updated with badminton-related news.

Complete Sports Nigeria –

Complete Sports Nigeria has everything a sports fan can be interested in; sports news, lifestyle, celebrities, casinos, and betting–all available on a single website. Their premium coverage of soccer, basketball, and all other sports involving Nigerian teams and members are verified and accurate, as each article goes through writers and editors who aim to keep their content clean and honest. With the amount of sports news services Complete Sports Nigeria provides its readers, it’s hard to think of anywhere else for Nigerian sports fans to get their fill for sports content.

SEC Sports Fans –

SEC Sports Fan is a website that focuses primarily on sports in the Southern Conference, which is a much-needed centralised sports blog for fans of the sports teams in the SEC. SEC Sports Fans covers news and updates of all kinds of sports in the SEC, like football, basketball, tennis, golf, gymnastics, and many more. They also offer articles with interesting SEC sports facts, a fan forum, a gallery, as well as tons of merchandise for the SEC Sports fan.

Pro Sports Extra –

Pro Sports Extra provides its readers with a comprehensive and continuous stream of updates, news, and articles regarding various sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, and many others. Their professional approach in sports journalism will give its new readers a comfortable and smooth experience as they scroll through their updated feed of sports news and lifestyle articles. They have forums to encourage interactions with sports enthusiasts and a store showcasing their merchandise for interested sports fans.

Scrummage –

For Kenyan-centric sports, Scrummage is the website for you. Readers will be able to find news, updates, and a variety of sports content regarding Kenyan rugby teams in all kinds of leagues that involve Kenyan teams and players. They keep their readers updated with their news, transfers, and fixtures section, where they provide real-time schedules and updates on matches all around the world. For sports fans inside and outside of Kenya, this website will take good care of your sports needs.

Final Thoughts

This list is meant to help you narrow down your choices in sports websites if not provide you with the perfect one. The sporting world is constantly moving and changing, as teams and players transfer from left to right, winning games and losing some. And to add to that, we’ve got the lives of our favourite celebrity athletes to follow. A dedicated sports website that covers everything and everyone that you know and love in sports can save you a ton of time and effort in your attempts to keep up in this fast-paced world. We hope that with this article, we’ve at least steered you in the right direction.

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