Examples of 4 Excellent Wearable Tech Trends of 2019

Examples of 4 Excellent Wearable Tech Trends of 2019

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Wearable gadgets are the future of modern technology and it will be a part of our day-to-day lives for sure in the upcoming years. There are several different wearable tech gadgets available in the market among which some of them are mentioned in this post brought to you by Technographx. Let us continue reading and figure out the Wearable Technology Trends of 2019.

Smart rings

Surprised after reading the title? Yes, the rings are also smart nowadays. The smart rings are the trending wearable gadget of 2019. It is getting quite popular among the individuals and businessmen as they can get notifications on the ring itself when they are attending a meeting where it doesn’t look good to glare at the smartphones again and again.

You can also use this wearable at the time of shopping for payment purposes and also keep track of your biometric activity data. Now, it’s simple for you to know how many calories you burnt or how many steps you covered during the day.

There is also a panic button in the smart rings. You can activate this button at the time of danger or sudden health problem so that it can request emergency help. No worry if you lose the ring, you can easily get to it through GPS from any other mobile device.


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One of the most popular wearable devices is no doubt, the smartwatch. You get so many facilities from this gadget apart from just checking the time so why not use it, right? There are several excellent features of this gadget that will force you to buy it for sure. You can track your bio-metric activity over it such as the number of steps covered, distance walked, calories burned during the day, etc.

There is also a tech feature to warn you if you are developing a heart complication in some of the smartwatches. In the case of panic attacks, an alert message will be sent to your physician and close family members. Nowadays, the models come with improved battery life and SD card support.

Fitness Trackers

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Fitness trackers are one of the oldest wearable devices from this list and are still popular. These trackers are getting much more popular. This gadget is now capable of providing you your health report on a wider scope. It scans your body even if you are asleep so you will get a complete insight into your health.

The trackers, just like the smartwatches sends you real-time texts and missed call notifications for informing you when you are busy doing your exercise.  Get a good fitness tracker today and improve your fitness at its best. Nowadays, fitness trackers are quite affordable too so no need to worry about the cost!

Medical Wearable

The medical wearable are also getting popular as people are finding it affordable and convenient to get their routine checkup done over this gadget. These devices are now capable of collecting your health data very accurately and it will then send the data to a physician for monitoring your health progress. As per the feedback was given by the physician, the gadget will notify you of the medications.

Some of the examples of trending medical wearables of 2019 include health patch MD, Google smart lenses, Cloud DX vitality, and iTBra. There are sensors present in these gadgets which detect the body changes and also warn you if you are developing a severe disease by analyzing the data. No doubt, the number of medical wearables will increase in the upcoming years seeing its advantages!

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So, here was a brief overview of the wearable technology trends of 2019. I hope you got a clear idea about these wearable trends and enjoyed reading the article. After reading the article, it is now time to get one of these wearable tech gadgets for you. Do some extensive market research and look out for the best wearable gadget for yourself. For more updates on technology news, follow Technographx!

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