What Cricket League is Considered to be the Best in the World?

What Cricket League is Considered to be the Best in the World?

Cricket is a game that attracts viewers of all ages and of all nations. With its growing popularity (brought by the establishment of T20 Cricket), cricket is now being introduced to a variety of test-playing nations. The worldwide success of the game brings cricket betting to life. If you want to increase your chances of winning big, you might want to look at the best cricket league in the world before putting all of your chips in.

Top Cricket Leagues in the World

Top # 7 – Lanka Premier League – Sri Lanka

Although there were initial hiccups due to lack of sponsorship and organizational mismanagement, the Lanka Premier League (LPL) rose to the occasion and is currently making themselves a league to watch out for. The LPL started their first edition late November 2020 and it continues to gain viewership from all corners of the world through different platforms.

Top # 6 – Masters Champions League – United Arab Emirates

The Masters Champions League (MCL) established its first season with six teams in 2016. The MCL received a 10-year approval from the Emirates Cricket Board but it did not come without a price. Much like any league starting out, there were issues such as delays in player payments and retired international players being contracted by domestic competitions. However, these concerns are now resolved and the only thing that’s left is the amazing showcase of cricket skills that people worldwide can enjoy.

Top # 5 – Vitality Blast T20 Cup – England

If you want quality cricket and world-class coverage, the Vitality Blast T20 Cup is a league that you must watch. This league is graced by some of the T20 stars such as Shahid Afridi and Babar Azam. The recently concluded second season of the league crowned Nottinghamshire Outlaws with their second championship title.

Top # 4 – Ram Slam T20 League – South Africa

First regarded as the Standard Bank Pro20, then MiWay 20 Challenge, and finally the Ram Slam T20 Challenge, this league continues to captivate viewers from worldwide because of the colourful and picturesque stadiums, large and exhilarating crowds and breathtaking cricket plays. While there are sports fans that suggest that this league may have lost its shine over the years, it continues to be a better pick than others.

Top # 3 – Caribbean Premier League – West Indies

Electrifying and aggressive (throw in a dash of Bollywood in the mix), the Caribbean Premier League is growing to be one of the largest markets of T20 cricket around the globe. Established in 2013, the league has six teams competing for the prestige championship with one team owned by Bollywood superstar, Shahrukh Khan. If you ask the locals and the fans worldwide, the tournament is one of the biggest sports parties in the world.

Top # 2 – Big Bash League – Australia

Listed as the number eight most attended sports league worldwide, the Big Bash League is proving to be a sensational league from its inception in 2011. It has taken inspiration from the number one cricket league in the world and is closely followed in terms of average audience per match. The upcoming season is slated for the second week of December.

Top # 1 – Indian Premier League – India

With a whopping brand value of around $4.16 billion, the biggest and the top cricket league in the world is the Indian Premier League. Following international success, the IPL changed the entire cricket system to cater more entertainment, more commercialization, and more cricketer brand value. The IPL is listed as the top six most attended leagues all around the world. If you are a global fan, you can always join IPL betting sites to get the most out of your love for the game.

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